Fluoropoly Technology Innovation Yearbook

Time:2021-01-21 Source :Shanghai Fuju Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

  In November 2008, it was funded by the Technology Innovation Fund (Start-up Phase) for Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (project number: 08DZ1190300, project code: 08C26213101804), which was successfully completed and passed the acceptance in September 2010.

  In 2011, it obtained the invention patent authorization of "a quaternary amine cationic modified polysiloxane softener and its preparation method" (ZL200810207532.7).

  In 2012, "Heat-exchange stirrer and reactor containing it" (ZL 201220347538.6) obtained utility model authorization.

  In 2012, it signed the "Industry-University-Research Cooperation" agreement with Donghua University.

  In 2012, the "quaternary amine-based cationic modified polysiloxane" project won the patented new product of Jinshan District (2012-ZLXCP-09).

  In 2013, it launched "Industry-University-Research Cooperation" with South China University of Technology.

  In 2013, the technology innovation fund project of Shanghai technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises was "High-efficiency quaternary amine modified polysiloxane softener" (1303H122100).

  In 2013, it was awarded "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise".

  In 2014, won the title of Jinshan District Patent Demonstration Enterprise (2013-ZLSF-11).

  In 2014, "silicone modifier for polyurethane coating and its preparation method" (ZL 201210580838.3) obtained the invention patent authorization.

  2014 Jinshan District Enterprise Industry-University-Research Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation Project "Research and Development of Zwitterionic Polysiloxane"