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Welcome to the official website of Fuju. If you encounter any problems, please find the corresponding contact information below

We have doubled the growth rate within a limited working time and shortened the mileage of dreams. Here, you can play swords and guns as much as you want.

Our working atmosphere:

We have the comfortable office you want; we have the afternoon tea you want; we have the unlimited fruit buffet you want; we have everything you want! We advocate happily doing things, simply behave and refuse to be rigid and bureaucratic. We pursue beauty and love. When we should be serious, we are so scared that we can be very funny when we are happy. Many young hearts, with big dreams!

Our benefits:

1. Salary bonus-higher than the industry level

2. Social insurance-pay pension insurance, medical reimbursement, work injury reimbursement, and maternity insurance for each employee in accordance with Shanghai regulations

3. Paid vacation-enjoy various paid vacations stipulated by the state

4. Staff activities-dinner, K song, birthday party, Mid-Autumn Festival cakes, year-end end

5. Systematic professional training plan

6. Perfect promotion system

7. Equal and independent team work partnership, active and energetic working atmosphere

8. Provide accommodation subsidies, performance awards and other benefits

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