Fuju Co., Ltd. won the honorary certificate of Shanghai "Specialized, Specialized, New" SME

Time:2021-01-21 Source :Shanghai Fuju Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

  On September 5, 2020, Shanghai Fluoropoly Chemical Products Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary certificate of Shanghai "Specialized, Specialized, New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (2020-2021).

  The "Specialized, Specialized, New, and New" project is based on the "Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Promoting the Development of "Specialized, Specialized, New and New" for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", combined with the construction of a globally influential scientific and technological innovation center, an important bearing area and the "four new" economy The development requirement is an enterprise certification project to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to take the path of professionalization, refinement, characteristic and novelty development. It has very strict and unified certification standards in terms of products, technology and service capabilities:

  Specialization, that is, specialization: focusing on a particular customer group, a product segment, and reaching the top ten in the industry segment market.

  Refined, that is, refined: have refined production, management or services, master independent intellectual property rights or advanced knowledge, have more than 1 (including 1) invention patents, utility model patents or software copyrights within the validity period of more than 3 ( Contains 3 items).

  Special, that is, specialization: the product or service has the characteristics of uniqueness, uniqueness, and exclusive production.

  New, that is, innovative: products or services that conform to the four new economic development characteristics of "new technology, new industry, new business format, and new model".