Silicone surfactant T6
Low-foam fluidity promoter and substrate wetting agent for water-based paints, used in water-based paints (industry, woodware), water-based inks, water-based paints, etc.

  Function overview: Low-foam fluidity promoter and substrate wetting agent for water-based paint, used in water-based paint (industry, wood), water-based ink, water-based paint, etc.

  Technical indicators:

  Main component: organically modified polysiloxane, non-ionic

  Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid

  Density: 0.95-1. 05 g/cm3

  Viscosity: 10-15cP, 25℃

  Surface tension: 20-25mN/m (0.1% aqueous solution)

  Flash point: "60°℃


  1) Excellent wettability, significantly improving the wetting and leveling of the coating to the substrate. Eliminate coating defects such as craters, bumps, etc.

  2) Good system compatibility, can be well compatible with most polymers, pigments and other components, and easy to be compatible.

  3) Effective foam suppression, effectively eliminate foam in the coating, and improve the apparent quality of the coating film.

  4) Low surface tension.

  Application: It is recommended to add 0.1%-4% of the total amount, depending on the specific situation.

  Storage: This product is flammable, avoid open flames, store in a sealed and dry room at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. The storage period of the original packaging is one year.

  Packing: 30kg plastic drum.

  Attachment: The application of T6 in inkjet printing high gloss waterproof coating.

  T6 is used in the coating to improve the substrate wettability and leveling of the coating. High gloss anti-glare with silica and alumina (boehmite type) as pigments

  Adding an appropriate amount of T6 to the water paint can improve the compatibility and uniformity of the inorganic pigments with the PVA solution, eliminate the paint bumps and increase the

  Surface smoothness and gloss. Optimizing the formula can increase the light transmittance of the coating.

  It is recommended to add to the pigment dispersion or when the PVA solution and the pigment dispersion are mixed, the general addition amount is 1-4% of the total liquid weight, and the prepared

  The paint is used up within 24 hours.

  Only a small amount of T6 is added to greatly improve the product quality.

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