Congratulations on the successful launch of the website of Shanghai Fuju !

Time:2021-01-09 Source :Shanghai Fuju Chemical Products Co., Ltd.

  Congratulations on the successful launch of the website of Shanghai Fuju Chemical Products Co., Ltd.! Thank you Jindo Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for the technical support of our website. Welcome new and old friends to visit the website.

  Shanghai Fluoropoly Chemical Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is located in Shanghai Fine Chemical Industry Incubation Park. As a new force in China's organic silicon material industry, the company is a company focused on the production, application and sales of special organic silicon products. The application fields of the products involve textile, leather, rubber and plastics, metal processing, construction, aerospace and other industries. Since its establishment, the company's sales have increased at a rate of more than 80% every year, and it also enjoys a certain reputation in the industry.

  Focus: Fluoropoly is a specialty chemical product company dedicated to the application and sales of silicone products, including silicone oil, linear body, defoamer, softener, etc.

  Professional: Fluoropoly has a number of doctors and masters, focusing on product applications in each professional field, providing solutions for many customers, including some internationally renowned companies.

  Growth: Fluoropolymer has good growth potential. Since its establishment, the company's product line has grown from 5 to 20, including defoamers, macroemulsions, hydrophilic amino silicone oils, etc., and is constantly developing new applications industry.

  Innovation: An innovative scientific research team is an important guarantee for the company's development and expansion. Recently, the company’s scientific research team has developed independent intellectual property

  Quan’s "new self-emulsifying polysiloxane softener" has been supported by the National Innovation Fund project. In addition to effectively improving the comfort of high-end clothing fabrics

  In addition to its properties, it also has good biodegradability and effectively reduces the amount of surfactants.

  Purpose: Our purpose is to provide customers with comprehensive technology and solutions.

  Our contact information is as follows:

  Contact: Mr. Ping

  Tel: 021-64831068

  Fax: 021-37285191

  Mobile: 13636669037


  Office address: Building 39, Lane 16299, Puwei Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai

  Factory Address: 1st Floor, Building C, No.688 Qiushi Road, Shanghai

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